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Gold Funding Group specializes in alternative financing for every business.

No matter your business size or what state you’re in, Gold Funding Group facilitates funding for all businesses through our vast network of lenders. Don’t see your industry? We’ve funded thousands of businesses across all industries. 

We know that each business is unique and has it’s own challenges. That’s why, at Gold Funding Group, we are committed to providing our clients with customized funding solutions to meet our client’s business needs.

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Transportation & Trucking Financing

We fund the transport and trucking industry to facilitate a growing fleet, financing maintenance costs, and providing cash flow so your buses, trucks, and vans can stay on the road.

Medical & Dental Practice Funding

Gold Funding Group helps fund medical and dental practices to upgrade equipment, invest in marketing, opening a new location, or hiring staff while you focus on the needs of your patients.

Health & Wellness Facility Financing

With Gold Funding Group's funding solutions, you can expand or renovate your spa, gym, or salon to accommodate more business, without dipping into your current cash flow.

Restaurant & Bar Financing

We understand how volatile the restaurant business can be. Whether hiring a new staff and keeping up with payroll, access to cash is vital for your restaurant or bar to maintain financial stability.

Retail Business Financing

Cover the cost of large inventories or leverage your accounts receivables to gain access to funds and increase your cash flow so you can reinvest in your store's growth via marketing or products.

Auto Repair & Dealership Financing

Ordering parts for repairs can be very costly at times, which can choke your business's finances. Gold Funding Group will provide the best funding solutions for your financial growth.

Construction Financing

Construction costs are a huge undertaking, and with the pressure of meeting deadlines, and keeping your clients happy, let Gold Funding Group help ease the load with project financing.

Hospitality Business Financing

With so many operations and expenses happening concurrently in hospitality businesses, having access to more cash allows you to hire more staff, invest in marketing to keep your rooms booked.

Business Financing

Gold Funding Group has a vast knowledge and experience in funding an industry that mainstream banks do not.

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